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Latest News: Interior Design

Interior Architecture News & Notes: Stairs, modern beds, apps and Urban-ID can make a new application of an expert designer into your hand. Read The Oregonian

Book: “Green Interior Design” “Green Interior Design by Lori Dennis is probably a well-worn manual f r in the manufacture of a green home to NEN? . interested Read The Cincinnati Enquirer
Holiday Tips: 22 Design-World Folk Sound Off about the T Turkey Day traditions Happy Thanksgiving Eve, loyal readers einged National mmt?. To celebrate the family reunion and calorie consumption, which will define in the morning, we asked legions of designers and design industry top dogs as they spend their holidays. Herein their Tell-All. Oh, and P.S.: … More on ‘she read a rel = “nofollow” href = “http://curbed.com/archives/2010/11/24/22-designworld-folks-sound-off-on-their-turkey-day-traditions.php”>
Tesla Roadster is a jerk Spa? Peter Couture, Times Staff Writer Wednesday 24 November 2010 the Tesla Roadster 2.5 contains? Lt some technical? Changes and upgrades f? R interior and entertainment systems. A small soft top snaps into place when n? IST. Gr? Go n means and in the case of the Tesla Roadster, green means go! This is because the small sports car has the advantage that all instant-torque power supplies … Read St. Petersburg Times

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